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   Welcome to the Mystical Doorways website which features the artwork of Micheal S. Laridon.

   These paintings are presented as visual portals that viewers may connect and travel through.

   The imagery reflects the subtler realms of the mind and nature.

   The intent of this website is to provide and energetic medium of harmonic interconnecting at these subtler levels, thus each individual painting acts as a focus point of portal.

   Each viewer, by virtue of their natural responses, attraction and affinities, participates in this mystical alchemy.

    Most of these paintings have their "stories", such as walking out to the street for no reason, to see rather large emu hurriedly walking toward the artist on a street in Bisbee, Arizona. This was just moments after a plethora of omens inspired the artist to name a work in progress, "Lemurian Alchemy". The artist interpreted EMU as a sort of E-mail from Mu, so a viewer attracted to this particular painting may have an inner message in route.

   Many paintings are associated with (and or gifted to) remarkable people, and complex chains of events. It is thus, that they are presented as "Mystical Doorways".

    Future plans include links to and information about the people involved in these stories.

Micheal Laridon, as a commercial artist and art director has an extensive and diverse professional background. This has included graphic design, illustration, product packaging, project storyboards, event posters, and souvenir artwork for major theme parks. Micheal's artwork, featured on this website, reflects a lifelong fascination with the mystical aspects of life, and his training in Tibetan Buddhism, Shamanism, and martial arts. Micheal currently resides in Bisbee, Arizona.







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