A Message from Micheal Laridon

    The artwork presented on this website, for the most part, was done after a February 1996 fire that consumed all family belongings, including 30 years of artwork. This included a vast number of private pencil works that were intensely detailed, which I lack the will and energy to duplicate now. The loss was an adjustment, among the very many that were to follow. At some point after relocating, I pulled together $17.50 and purchased a sheet of watercolor paper, budget brushes and watercolors. The result ultimately became Sacred Flight.


     Micheal Laridon, as a commercial artist and art director has an extensive and diverse professional background. This has included graphic design, illustration, product packaging, project storyboards, event posters, and souvenir artwork for major theme parks. Micheal's artwork, featured on this website, reflects a lifelong fascination with the mystical aspects of life, and his training in Tibetan Buddhism, Shamanism, and martial arts. Micheal currently resides in Bisbee, Arizona.

Additional art pieces will be added and this site will continue to evolve,
so please visit us again!

A Poem from Micheal
So many now upon this edge
this choice of heart and soul
to feel and know and sculpt anew
their ancient sacred role
great sacred thread of beingness
beyond all mental tone
as truth and fact of living
transcending illusions known
precarious balances in certainty
in futures will take form
to challenge well this self as is
with joy to not conform
with any past as present
that sacred joy precludes
to sift and sort in discovery
the shifting realm of moods
alive again all meanings
within this sacred dance of life
alive again with strength and wit
distilled amidst the strife
the mocking twist of paradox
yields humors sacred one
as foolish child with laughter
we again now ask what for?
Perhaps to occupy that moment
so time did not collapse
or some photon belt or shoelace
would not have memory lapse
or that dolphin with a toothache
could find the central sun
or just one more step of many
to complete what has begun
this choiceless forward motion
in cycles will reveal
the appearance of new moments
as memories we feel
for each new cyclic rhythm
in vast context does display
the truthful sacred treasures
in whatever comes our way
Micheal Laridon


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